Sheila Preston Fitzgerald

“My super hero….Leatherman! Just because I’m an amputee, that’s never stopped me from being a girl who loves sassy footwear. With that said, I’m also extremely aware of my amputee-related meltdown triggers. One of my top two triggers is a shoe store. I learned a long time ago…..shoe stores are a no-go for this girl. It’s hard enough to find comfortable, supportive, under 3/4” heel footwear online. Let alone stylish. I found these cute side-zipper booties, but the original heels were WAY too high for Sampson & I. I reached out to one of my super heroes – Leatherman to the rescue! Thank you Ty May for re-configuring the heels for me. You’re awesome! They’re perfect! Hugs & blessings, Sheila”