Ty put a zipper in a boot for me. It looks great and works perfectly. The turn around time was fast and Ty is a great guy! I’ll definitely use him in the future. Thanks!!!

Deidra Land

“Ty is a sponsor of the Miss Ozark Rodeo Association Pageant and the leather picture frames he makes for our photogenic award are beautiful! The contestants all want to win them every year! Thank you so much again for your sponsorship! I absolutely love your frames and I know the girls do too!”

Shannon Norris

Finally! A local shop for all things leather. They did a great job on my show repair, fast, and affordable! Thanks May’s!

Laurie Price

“Beautiful detailed work! Excellent quality and craftsmanship. Very good customer service and satisfaction.”

Tammy Stayton

GREAT JOB Ty !!! Thank you for helping me out with one of the best Christmas gifts that I think I could have ever got Dad ! The workmanship was flawless and very unique. When I got the suspenders in the mail, I didn’t want to give them to him because I wanted to keep […]

Stuart Nietenhoefer

“My super hero….Leatherman! Just because I’m an amputee, that’s never stopped me from being a girl who loves sassy footwear. With that said, I’m also extremely aware of my amputee-related meltdown triggers. One of my top two triggers is a shoe store. I learned a long time ago…..shoe stores are a no-go for this girl. It’s hard […]

Sheila Preston Fitzgerald

These beautiful leather photo frames really cheer up my grad school desk, especially during stressful times like Finals Week! Thank you May’s Custom Boot and Leather, www.maybootandleather.com for your sponsorship of the Miss ORA pageant. Your craftsmanship is certainly appreciated!

Haley Linder

Ty the Polainas are drop dead gorgeous. Just what I wanted! I’m sure some folks will ask me about them on the DC ride…You did beautiful work Ty. Truly

Mark Campbell

“Ty May is one of the greatest leather smiths I’ve ever ran across.”

Tim Stewart

“The attention to detail is amazing! Thank you for listening to what we wanted and making that happen!!!”

Ami Arenz Seener

“I was finally able to give my Momma her 87 year old bible with a new leather cover crafted by Ty May here in Sullivan. I was so afraid it was going to fall apart and Ty saved the day! Thank you Ty for such a remarkable keepsake full of memories! She loves it.”

Valeta Marshall Betz

“Ty is one of a kind when it comes to leather. His work is like none other! Thank you for the beautiful wallet with my initials on it.”

Brenton Williams

“Ty May’s Amazing Leather Workmanship, and Custom Craftsmanship. IS The best I have ever seen. I have been in and worked with Materials and Sewing for 40 years. Thank You Ty, You Have a God Given and Developed Talent.”

Ken Shelton

I am blessed to have a well aged wallet that Rusty made for my Mom in the 1970s and have long been thinking how special it would be to have something made by Ty to go with it. Ty was beyond patient as I hmmed and hawed about what I wanted. I left it to […]

Raquel Bartholomew Gould